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& Social Services

NONGOR is a voluntary, nonprofit, social development organization established in 2001. It has been registered by the different departments of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh including NGOAB, Department of Social Services, Department of Youth Development and Department of Narcotics Control. NONGOR is a pioneer organization working for the betterment of poor, marginalized and underprivileged and people in high risk

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& Youth Development

NONGOR started its journey as a volunteer organization and now turned into a potential rights and advocacy platform for the poor, marginalized, ethnic and socially excluded people. It is also incorporating civil society and other social elements to work together in the battle against poverty

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& health care services

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NONGOR’s Donors and Working Partners

  1. National AIDS/STD Program (NASP), DGHS, MOH & FW
  2. District Administration, Cox’s Bazar
  3. District Civil Surgeon, Cox’s Bazar
  4. District Social Service, Cox’s Bazar
  5. Department of Narcotics Control, Cox’s Bazar
  6. Department of Youth Development, Fishery & Agriculture, Cox’s Bazar
  7. Sub District Administration, Cox’s Bazar
  8. District Family Planning, Cox’s Bazar
  9. Municipality Office, Cox’s Bazar
  10. Sadar Hospital, Cox’s Bazar
  11. FDSR
  12. FPAB
  13. Ganosastha
  14. Marie Stopes clinic, Cox’s Bazar
  15. Padakkep
  16. SJA
  17. Bondhu Social Welfare Society(BSWS)
  18. Durjoy Nari Sangha
  19. BRAC
  20. Ashar Alo Society
  21. GAM Trust
  22. Muslim Charity

Our Experience

  1. NONGOR has its expertise in handling different kind of training programs with following facilities:
  2. Well Equipped Training Center
  3. Training Modules
  4. Sufficient Training Materials
  5. Sufficient Training AIDS
  6. A Team of skilled Trainer/Facilitator
  7. Training Module Designer & Developer

Area of Training:

NONGOR has to impart training to the development workers as well as the beneficiaries. NONGOR is ready to conduct/facilitate following trainings

  • Basic Training on HIV/AIDS
  • Basic TOT
  • Early Childhood Development
  • TOT on Non-Formal Education
  • Training & Facilitation for the development workers
  • Enhancing Management styles & skills for the development Manager
  • Effective Presentation and Dynamic Communication
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Income Generating Activities
  • Management for STIs
  • Conflict Management
  • Small Entrepreneurship Development
  • Good Governance
  • Leadership Development for the Women Leaders
  • Financial Management
  • Effective Supervision technique & performance Disaster preparedness and Management
  • Syndromic appraisal.


  • NONGOR has been registered by the Directorate of NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister’s Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh.July 30, 2013,Registration No: 2803.
  • Directorate of Social Service,District Social Service Office, Cox’s BazarAugust 05,2004, Registration No: cox’s -274/04.
  • Directorate of Narcotics Control, District Narcotics Control Office, Cox’s Bazar,May 03,2005,Registration No: DNC -0043.
  • Directorate of Youth Development,District Youth Development Office, Cox’s Bazar,March 05,2009, Registration No: 146.


NONGOR envisages creating a poverty and hunger free society which contributes to Bangladesh in becoming a developed country by 2041.

Anti Drug

To inspire, organize, support and mobilize the coastal communities to create lasting solution to poverty, hunger, rights and social justice.

Human Rights

NONGOR sees a dream to build up a society where governance, rights, education, GBV, health, nutrition, WaSH and preparedness for disaster will be addressed and ensured.


NONGOR initiated this program to provide support
to the potential entrepreneurs and traders of agro-products and farmers.
Project Title  : Food Security Programme-2006, Soil Fertility Component Grants

Project duration  :  30 months (1st July 2010 to 31st December 2012) ongoing

Implementing Partner  :  Shushilan

Technical Support by  : Ministry of Agriculture, GoB

Finance by  : European Union/own fund

Project objective : Promotion and utilization of sustainable soil management and participatory agricultural development practices to improve household food security in coastal zone.

Project Area : Teknaf Upazila (Nhila & Whykong)

Project View

As the project will concentrate on improved food security and increasing productivity through practicing and exercising sustainable soil health and agro-management, this will lead to not only increase in household consumption, but also generate some marketable surplus. The project will also contribute towards marginal and poor farmers needs in regard to government food and agricultural policy and systems through advocacy and farmer’s alliance development aspects.

Project Objective: To improve food security of the families of small and marginal farming household in coastal zone like Teknaf Upazila. Objectives of the action: To improve and conserve soil quality in the target areas To improve existing farming system (diversification) and introduction of new crops To increase per unit crop production in target areas and To increase and mobilize the households towards intake of nutritious foods and to organize target house hold into institution to secure their entitlement Expected results: Five results are planned in the project according to the call and also considering the sustainability of the proposed actions. The results are: Conservation of soil health quality Promoting and practicing of crop diversification Enhanced crops production Accessing nutritious food and consumption Farmers alliances to access resources and services.

Life Skills

Programme on various life skills.

Food Security

Programme on Food Security.

Women & Child Protection/SGBV

NONGOR Created a network like Child Protection at Cox,s Bazar along with Concern World Wide and local organization even we Established Sexual Harassment & Gender Based Violence in the same place. In 2021 NONGOR has introduce another Protection Focus Project at Rajapalong Union in covered 09 word through formed 09 separate group name-Community Protection Group (CPG) under the Project title :” Provision of multi-sectoral Service Support for affected Rohingya & Host Community”. Its the Project Supported by BRAC & Funded by DFAT Australia .

Legal Aid Service

We work on Legal Aid Service