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& Social Services

NONGOR is a voluntary, nonprofit, social development organization established in 2001. It has been registered by the different departments of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh including NGOAB, Department of Social Services, Department of Youth Development and Department of Narcotics Control. NONGOR is a pioneer organization working for the betterment of poor, marginalized and underprivileged and people in high risk

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& Youth Development

NONGOR started its journey as a volunteer organization and now turned into a potential rights and advocacy platform for the poor, marginalized, ethnic and socially excluded people. It is also incorporating civil society and other social elements to work together in the battle against poverty

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& health care services

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Future plan

  • Create massive awareness on reproductive health issues among poor, marginalized, vulnerable & victimize women
  • Comprehensive program for minor & ethnic community,
  • Capacity building for Community Based Organization (CBO)/Self-Help Group (SHG)
  • Let community people especially the poor, women & children more active to establish their rights in the society through formation of wider level people’s institution
  • Create employment opportunities through enterprise development program at the local and regional level
  • Establish Vocational & Technical Training center for the under-privileged women, Youth, Disable & adolescent
  • Social Resource Mobilization
  • Disaster management and preparedness including rehabilitation
  • Develop a global partnership for development, nondiscriminatory trading and financial system. In cooperation with developing countries, develop and implement strategies for decent and productive work for youth.
  • To adopt frequent climate change and safeguard for future well being of its citizen taken necessary action plan & should be implement accordingly. This will be achieved through a pro-poor Climate Change Management Strategy which prioritizes adoption and disaster reduction, also address low carbon development, mitigation, technology transfer as well as awareness about Environment etc. through its Climate Change Action Plan.

Objectives & core values:

  • To inspire and organize the community people to make them as social change agent.
  • Capacity build up for the community people to create a poverty and hunger free society.
  • Support to the poor people to empower them economically.
  • Provide health care support to poor, marginalized and minority people.
  • Enhance support to the underprivileged community to ensure their rights.
  • Enhance support to the community to create an alternative leadership among them so that they could identify their own problem and solve these by themselves using available local resources.
  • Work with vulnerable groups in the society in order to help them educate and learn to protect themselves from all deadly diseases in general and HIV/AIDS & STD in particular.
  • Ensure right to attain the highest standard of sexual, reproductive health and the right to services on discrimination, violence through social awareness.
  • Organize the stigmatized and vulnerable groups of the community in order to enhance their economic benefit through different alternative income generating activities.


  • Proper co-ordination with hope and aspiration, expectation, demand of the targeted people and to show the proper respect to their rights, mutual respect and gender equity, competency and potentials.
  • Legal

    Legal Status of NONGOR

    • NONGOR has been registered by the Directorate of NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister’s Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh.July 30, 2013,Registration No: 2803.
    • Directorate of Social Service,District Social Service Office, Cox’s BazarAugust 05,2004, Registration No: cox’s -274/04.
    • Directorate of Narcotics Control, District Narcotics Control Office, Cox’s Bazar,May 03,2005,Registration No: DNC -0043.
    • Directorate of Youth Development,District Youth Development Office, Cox’s Bazar,March 05,2009, Registration No: 146.

    Vision of the Organization

    NONGOR envisages creating a poverty and hunger free society which contributes to Bangladesh in becoming a developed country by 2041.

    Mission of the Organization

    To inspire, organize, support and mobilize the coastal communities to create lasting solution to poverty, hunger, rights and social justice.

    Goal of the Organization

    NONGOR sees a dream to build up a society where governance, rights, education, GBV, health, nutrition, WaSH and preparedness for disaster will be addressed and ensured.