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NONGOR is a voluntary, nonprofit, social development organization established in 2001. It has been registered by the different departments of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh including NGOAB, Department of Social Services, Department of Youth Development and Department of Narcotics Control. NONGOR is a pioneer organization working for the betterment of poor, marginalized and underprivileged and people in high risk

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& Youth Development

NONGOR started its journey as a volunteer organization and now turned into a potential rights and advocacy platform for the poor, marginalized, ethnic and socially excluded people. It is also incorporating civil society and other social elements to work together in the battle against poverty

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Didarul Alam Rashed Executive Director


Didarul Alam Rashed Executive Director
nongor.org@gmail.com, nongor_idu@yahoo.com

Address of Head Office

West Laharpara, Nearest of Uttaran Housing
Kalatali by pass road, Cox’s Bazar.
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